Toddler Open-Ended Play Gift Guide

Toddler Open-Ended Play Gift Guide

We have too many toys. What my kids play with more than anything, are the open-ended toys we have invested in over the years. I say invested, because many of these are pricey, but you get a longer playtime with them than the $5 plastic toy you bought on a whim. Sometimes I get very close to donating every toy EXCEPT these ones. Here are some of our favorites (yes, we use all of these) that will last for years of entertainment and independent play:

Picasso Tiles - use this link and code AFF20%OFF for 20% off

We also love the Picasso Tiles Minis for on the go

Magna Cubix (for on the go)

I would not recommend these for small toddlers or toddlers that put everything in their mouths as they are smallish and if broken, a tiny magnet could be ingested. We reserve them for restaurant play so the dog doesn't eat one.


Tegu Blocks

We have continued to add to our Tegu pile since they are so popular and used over and over. The more we buy, the taller the tower gets.

Pickler or Little Climber

We have the Lily & River, which has held up so nicely the past 3 years. Even my 4-year-old still climbs on it. There are some cheaper or larger options out there on Amazon, also.

Figurines (in their current interest like dinosaurs or zoo animals) to play with the open-ended building. We love the choices and quality at Safari Ltd. Use this link for 20% off all Safari Ltd. Figurines.

Wobble Board - you can read on it laying down, surf or practice your balance, or play with it with figurines or other toys.

Duplo Legos because there are lots of variations based on your kid's interests (dinosaurs, babies, trains, pet stores, etc.)

Way-to-Play Road

These road building pieces can even be used in the bathtub.

Play Kitchen

We spruced up a used IKEA kitchen (details in another post & in my Instagram story highlights). Just know that when you invest in one of these, you will be organizing a second kitchen;).


Nugget Couch 

We build forts, caves for our dinosaurs, walls, bridges. And reading nooks. A friend of ours even uses it as a travel bed when driving.

Kinetic Sand

This one for construction lovers and this one for other interests. We like to take it to outdoor locations on the go like wineries and breweries in case there are spills.

Stocking Stuffers or Smaller Gifts:

Reusable Silicone Coloring Mats

We have two versions, one that was a gift from Paris (Paris themed). They are great to bring on the go for restaurants, too. They use dry erase markers and easily erase.

Reusable Sticker Books 

These are a good size for the car, or fit easily in a backpack for travel. They come in tons of themes.

Baby Dolls and Doll Houses are also great choices - especially if your little is into dolls. We love the Lovevery playhouse from a subscription kit, but there are so many choices online. We also like the inclusive baby Stella from Manhattan Toy Company here (not pictured).

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