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Organization & Home Product Recommendations

This list is only items I have personally purchased, used, and like:) They are links from various Instagram stories or reels, and are mostly organizational products. However, some are products that have helped us on our journey to a more simple, minimalist-ish, and less visually overwhelming home. We also favor natural, environmentally friendly (win-possible), non-toxic products as much as possible when new swaps are made. 

* I only recommend projects I have actually purchased and tried, but I may earn small commissions from affiliate links, at no cost to you.*

Here are some discount codes for meal prep that have helped our busy family stay healthy without constant trips to the store:

40% off Thrive Market (the best deals of Whole Foods-type foods)

$30 off Wildgrain Box - frozen bakery delivery (bread, pasta, treats)

$10 off Misfits Market - produce delivery at a discount


We use these, and have also purchased the long black hooks from IKEA, along with this mirror. Any bench that fits your style will work. Just hang baskets like these to store dog leashes, outbox items, incoming mail, etc. We use woven baskets to catch shoes under the bench.


These are all products we use in our kitchen and pantry. We love the glass/wood canisters from IKEA for baking staples. The Home Edit's fridge bins from Container Store and Walmart worked great for us. I have recently swapped out some of them for non-plastic egg and berry bins, along with the metal bins seen below.



Keeping counters as clear as possible is a must. These are some items that we have used to hang, organize, or minimize our bathroom clutter. I also added some of the fixtures from our recent remodel, since I get so many questions about them:)


Find what works for you - I have tried and own all of these in various parts of my house. The NIIMBOT is great for labeling my business inventory, and I prefer the low tech labeler for pantry staples. Or keep it easy and but pre-made labels (and hope they have everything you need).



Most people don't need to keep so much paperwork that they need a filing cabinet. Use the plastic totes for kid's artwork or records. We don't use the large file boxes for kid's work yet, only our home files, but we love this line at The Container Store for memory and photo boxes.

Toys & Toy Org:

Containing allll the pieces is key. Use bags for little pieces, and bins for larger categories.The IKEA closet systems and Kallax Cubes are always great to contain baskets. This dish rack can hold books, puzzles, or tablets. IKEA has cheap solutions for Legos, and these are the toy storage bins we use (full disclosure, they crack easily if a kid stands on them or throws them, so are therefore not great for really little kids). Our playroom has the Cameron system from Pottery Barn Kids, which I purchased little by little at the outlet. Love putting these inside the cabinets. 

Utility Closet/Crafting Org:



Cleaning Supplies & Org:

Laundry Room:

This steamer is great because it fits easily in one of my utility closet bins (above), and eliminates the need to store an upright iron or ironing board. This drying rack is made in the USA, and folds down for a minimal profile.

Closet & Bedroom:

Take clothes immediately out of plastic and chemically dry clean bags. Velvet hangers help streamline and save space. We also like the inexpensive IKEA shoe boxes and drawer organizers. For our closet and linen closet, I recently switched to the sculpted bins in stone from Sort Joy and I am in love! They work for toy storage and pantry storage as well. They are also sold at The Container Store and Anthropologie. 

Holiday Storage:

DIY Project Materials from my Instagram:

I do many kid-friendly DIY projects on my Instagram, so materials links are listed here, but probably seem strange out of context:)

Travel w/kids:

Things that help us when on the go (besides my custom packing cubes).

Office & Small Biz Must Haves:

If you watched my workroom/office remodel, here are some items I used and loved, including many of the Trotten pieces from IKEA.

Car Organization:

These are also in the blog post about car organization with kids.

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